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Autumn Phoenix Designs

Shamrock plant stake, large

Shamrock plant stake, large

This Shamrock Stained Glass Plant Stake is the perfect addition to your garden or indoor plant collection! Crafted with care, this plant stake features a beautiful shamrock design in teal, made from stained glass.

Measuring approximately 13.5 inches in height, this plant stake is designed to stand out and add a pop of color to any plant arrangement. It has been soldered to a metal stake (brass).

Bring a touch of Irish charm and a burst of color to your plants with this cute stake!!

NOTE: All stained glass pieces are coated with polish & wax to delay oxidation (but it will happen eventually). All steel stakes are sprayed with a clear coat to delay rust (but it will happen eventually). This CAN be used outdoors, but is best suited for indoors.

Handmade with love in Wisconsin 💙 with 60/40 & 50/50 tin/lead solder, copper foil, stained glass, and tinned wire.


Several of my items for sale on Etsy are also on my personal website, built on Shopify. I do not use integration software, so sometimes, there might be delays in keeping products identified as "in stock" that are truly in stock. This is rare, but note that I reserve the right to cancel any orders that are for the same item across both platforms; the first order (determined by time stamp) will be honored, and the second will be cancelled.


As stated above, solder has lead. This is standard in the industry. Wash your hands after touching. Do not let children handle the pieces. If requesting a custom piece, you can ask for lead-free solder (note: it is much more expensive than regular solder and will increase the price of your custom piece).


If you have never made stained glass before, it is quite the process!!! I do everything by hand- I am not a machine- and I am a one-person shop.

First step: cut the glass. Grind to make everything to fit. The time this takes depends on the difficulty of the piece.

Second: wash all the glass to get grime off.

Third: clean each piece- both sides and all edges- with rubbing alcohol. Then, carefully apply copper foil tape around the edges. It has to be precise and symmetrical on each side. Burnish (push down) the foil.

Fourth: apply flux and then solder the back, sides, and front (and make sure the lines on the front are beaded, smooth, and look nice).

Fifth: clean everything with a flux neutralizer.

Sixth: apply polish/wax. Let it dry. Buff.

Note that this is just the work that goes into making each piece- this does not account for the cost of solder, wire, flux, cleaning supplies, or anything else.

When an item is sold, Etsy charges me three fees- a listing fee, a closing fee, and a credit card transaction fee. it takes me time to package & ship everything. Glass is fragile (duh), so it takes awhile to make sure the order is packed in a way that will make it safely to its destination.

So please don't complain that the cost is too high. If the cost is too high, kindly learn how to do stained glass and make your own. Have a great day :).



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