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Tomato plant stake, vegetable marker | stained glass seed markers, seed tags, garden sun catchers, flower pot pal

Tomato plant stake, vegetable marker | stained glass seed markers, seed tags, garden sun catchers, flower pot pal

Several of my items for sale here are also on my Etsy. I do not use integration software, so sometimes, there might be delays in keeping products identified as "in stock" that are truly in stock.

This is rare, but note that I reserve the right to cancel any orders that are for the same item across both platforms; the first order (determined by time stamp) will be honored, and the second will be cancelled.


This adorable stained glass plant stake is handmade and ready to stand in your garden! The stake will come disassembled from the glass piece for easy transport.

On the back of the vegetable is a copper tube that has been soldered on, and the detached steel stake slides right into the tube.

Looking for a different veggie from what I offer? Send me a message! I'm happy to do custom work.

The steel stakes might be slightly different heights than the ones I use to photograph with, but all the stakes will stand close to what you see in the picture.


The veggie has been polished and waxed and this will help protect it outside, but if you have big storms or rough winters, you'll want to bring it inside. Note that if (when) it rains, the glass will probably get some water marks- but they can be easily wiped off.

If used outside, the solder may oxidize a bit faster than if used inside, but I include instructions for re-polishing the pieces if you need to someday.

The stakes have been sprayed with a clear coat to delay rust. They probably will rust someday, but you can scrub them with steel wool to pull the rust off.

~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~

Handmade with love in Wisconsin!
Created with 50/50 and 60/40 lead/tin solder, stained glass, copper tube, and steel stakes.


As stated above, solder has lead. This is standard in the industry. Wash your hands after touching. Do not let children handle the pieces.

If requesting a custom piece, you can ask for lead-free solder (note: it is much more expensive than regular solder and will increase the price of your custom piece).
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