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Autumn Phoenix Designs

Choose your weight of RED/PURPLE/PINK MIX glass scraps (FREE SHIPPING)

Choose your weight of RED/PURPLE/PINK MIX glass scraps (FREE SHIPPING)

Several of my items for sale on Etsy are also on my personal website, built on Shopify. I do not use integration software, so sometimes, there might be delays in keeping products identified as "in stock" that are truly in stock.

This is rare, but note that I reserve the right to cancel any orders that are for the same item across both platforms; the first order (determined by time stamp) will be honored, and the second will be cancelled.



This listing is for green glass scraps of mixed sizes, shapes, green tones, and textures. Note that some pieces may have sharpie on them, and some probably have some grinding grime. I would expect this all to come off quite easily if you're using grout/making a mosaic!

Caution- watch out for sharp edges!!


Since I do stained glass, I have a TON of leftover scraps all the time. The pieces vary in size, but are generally similar to the glass scraps shown in my hand. You will get a mixture of various shades of green glass.

You will receive glass from the exact mix shown.


The more you buy, the more you save!

1 lb = $16 ($16.00/lb)
2 lb = $22 ($11.00/lb)
3 lb = $27 ($9.00/lb)
4 lb = $30 ($7.50/lb)
5 lb = $33 ($6.60/lb)

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